Build the confidence and courage to create your dream life.

Do you feel like you’re made for more, but need clarity and direction to pursue your God-size dreams?

I can help you with that. Here’s what to do next:

Hey there, I’m LaWanda!

And my goal is to help you unmask your most confident and courageous self so you can create the life you desire and deserve!

As a former performance-approval addict, I know the angst and overwhelm that perfectionism, comparison, and self-doubt can bring. I also know how exhausting it can be to achieve success based on the expectations of others, only to end up feeling trapped by that very success! It’s time for you to break free of the status quo and build your God-size dreams. I’m here to help!

As a life transformation coach and mental health professional, I fuse faith and science to apply practical tasks with faith-based principles. My tools and techniques help you unlock the power within your divine design and break free of the negative emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that sabotage your efforts toward fulfillment and limit your potential. You can learn more about me here.

Where your FOCUS goes your POWER flows.

It’s time to stop worrying about measuring up to the status quo. You were created for greatness…it’s IN you. Now is the time to embrace your uniqueness, activate your gifts and passion, and align all of who you are with the imprint you’re meant to make in this world. Now is the time to unlock your power to achieve your God-size dreams. Let me help you break through barriers keeping you stuck and build the relationships, career, and lifestyle your heart desires.