Yes, it can be emotionally draining, but don’t get tired!

The events of this past week have brought on a barrage of emotions for many Americans. There is pain. There is fear.  There is anger. We as a people are divided.The situation our nation is facing right now looks monumental. How do we bridge the chasm that has been created?

Today marked the first day for the actual funerals for the police officers killed in the Dallas shootings last week. We are a city grieving. We are a city seeking healing.  Dallas city officials, pastors, and community leaders have come together to begin the healing process, and to identify steps for moving forward.  Just like our leaders are uniting and challenging all of us to extend forgiveness, understanding, and compassion to one another, cities across the nation can follow suit. We can recover. We can heal. One step at a time. One conversation at a time.

A few days ago, I encouraged you not to be weary in doing good.

“As we continue in the days ahead, do not be weary in prayer.  Don’t underestimate the power of your prayers.  Don’t underestimate the power you have to speak words that will lead others to seek understanding, to seek healing, to speak love instead of spewing anger and hate.  Things may seem to be spiraling out of control, remember that God is sovereign and at no point has He lost control.  Don’t stop praying.  Continue to be light.  This world needs to see God’s light, and His love.  Be that.”

Today, I echo that sentiment.   I challenge you to keep having those difficult conversations.  Try to understand the person who doesn’t necessarily agree with you.  Speak the truth, but do so in love.  Know when to agree to disagree, and go your separate ways.  Just don’t lose your witness in the process!  The Spirit of God can bring about a change of heart long after you’ve moved on.  I’ve seen so many people just raise their hands in surrender and say, “I just can’t”.  You can.  I realize that not every battle is ours to fight.  Use discernment to determine when to engage, and how.  Just don’t completely throw in the towel.  There is much to work through.  We’ve only just begun.


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