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It’s More Than A Dream: 4 Steps to Making Your Dreams Reality

Your dreams are the pathway to your destiny. The challenge is holding onto your dreams by cultivating hope, courage, and confidence that you can bring them to life while balancing responsibilities like taking care of your family, health, jobs, and all that “adulting” requires.

If you’re going to turn your dreams into your reality, it’s essential that you see it, say it, believe it, and be it. Trust in the power of these four actions and watch your dreams come true.

See It

You are encouraged to dream big when you’re young. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is the question you were asked. But as you grow up, the dream changes: sometimes you find a new dream, but far too often, you minimize it. Even worse—you allow the demands of life to blur your vision and quench the hope that it will ever happen.  

Visualizing your dream is the most critical step to making it a reality. This step requires you to be receptive and eliminate any resistance or doubt that will stop you from dreaming.  

It’s no coincidence that dreams come to us while we sleep. The soul is at rest, and the Holy Spirit can communicate with our human spirit without competing with our intellect or circumstances. Our mind is not distracted and is more open to receiving impressions from the spirit.  

Some people receive their God-size dream during sleep, but sometimes it’s a daydream or a deep inner tug. If you aren’t sure you have a dream or life has snuffed out your dream, you can dream a new dream: 

  1. Sit still, quiet your soul, and listen to the voice deep within. The dreams that lead you toward your destiny come from deep within your heart, where the Spirit of God speaks.  
  2. Pray and ask God to give you a dream. He is the dream giver.  
  3. Envision yourself living your dream often, and allow the vision to energize your life (Prov. 29:18).

Say It

You shape your world with your words (Prov. 18:21). When you talk about your dream, you outwardly agree with God and give it life. WARNING: 

  1. Be careful about who you share your dream with. Only some people will support or encourage you. Others may voice their fears and focus on the risks. Lastly, some people might actively oppose your dream.  
  2. All words are not created equal. Words backed by belief are a force to be reckoned with. Talk about it and cultivate belief.

Believe It

If you don’t believe in your dreams, who will? The biggest problem with dreams is…well, THEY ARE DREAMS! By definition, dreams are not real, tangible things but thoughts, images, aspirations, and ambitions. So holding onto belief during hard times can be tough.  

When you feel like your dream just isn’t going to happen, try these:

  1. Remember the vision. Imagine yourself living in your dream. Visualization creates a mood-shifting dose of dopamine to re-energize you and clear the atmosphere.  
  2. Remember this revelation God gave me during one of my meltdowns:

“It’s not just a dream. It’s a promise.”

**Gulp** Did that hit you like it hit me?

When God gives you a dream, it’s more than just a dream. It. Is. A. Promis. And His promises are already done. It’s just a matter of getting to that yes in your life!

Through YOUR belief, you will persevere through any obstacles, disappointments, failures, and delays you face.

Be It

God-given dreams are God-size dreams. They are big, scary, intimidating aspirations. If your dream doesn’t scare you, dream bigger!  

One of the defining attributes of a dream is that it is a pursuit. You will have to set goals to achieve them. Your goals are vital to achieving your dream, and I am big on goal-setting. However, God is more concerned with who you become in achieving the goal!

The Goal is NOT the point.

The point is who you have to BE to achieve your goal.

Achieving your God-size dream is as much about building your capacity and aligning your identity to be who God originally designed you to be.  

When God gives you a dream, He sees you as whole and completely capable of fulfilling it. He sees you as gifted, empowered and qualified in Him. 

So, dig deep and align with who you were designed to be—One goal, one step, one transformation at a time.

If you have fallen prey to the pressures of life and resigned to your dreams, or you’ve down-sized your dream because you think it’s too late, too hard, or you’re too scared. I challenge you to wake up to your life and let your dreams lead you forward.

It’s more than just a dream. It’s your pathway to destiny. It’s a promise.

So I ask, Are you building your God-size dream? If not yours, then whose dream are you building?

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