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To show up in life with the power to create the relationship, career, and personal experiences you desire, you have to let go of insecurity and fear. CULTIVATE CONFIDENCE includes 5 Keys you can use today to unlock your power to show up, speak up, and pursue your God-size goals.

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Cultivate Confidence: Overcome Insecurity



"Cultivate Confidence reveals the messages women really need to hear about embracing who they are and where they are in life free of the opinions and judgments often conveyed by family, friends, social media, and sometimes even the church."

- Winter T. -

Hello there!

I'm LaWanda & I know exactly how it feels to live with the anxiety, worry, and fear associated with being good enough or doing good enough.

I am a former performance-approval addict who was completely convinced that perfect performance was the path to acceptance. If I performed well, I felt accepted, and my confidence was high. If I struggled, I felt fear and anxiety, and my confidence was shaken. I realized the only way to experience the joy, peace, and feelings of fulfillment I longed for had less to do with achieving success or earning the approval of others, and more to do with accepting the truth that I am already approved. Settling into that truth took a great deal of time and effort--I was a master at striving, proving, and performing! The process was totally worth it. Living for an audience of one is far easier than living for the insatiable, proverbial audience of "They".

As a life-transformation coach, mental health professional, and bible believing Jesus girl, I leverage faith and psychology to help you build your confidence, embrace your uniqueness, and become the woman you are destined to be.

Once you become THAT woman, your capacity to create the life you desire is limitless!