Sharing My Passion

My Passion

Here’s the thing:  I love it when a young lady accepts that she is unique, and realizes that it’s okay – good actually.   Maybe she’s always felt a little bit “different”, but never realized to be different is a blessing, not a curse.  I love it when a young lady not only realizes that she does have something impactful to offer, but also realizes she can share that gift in a way that can change the lives of others, and ultimately change the world.  To see a woman realize that her weaknesses and shortfalls don’t limit her potential, nor do they have the power to keep her living in shame brings joy to my soul.  I wish every woman, young and old, would realize that weaknesses, shortfalls, and mistakes happen.  These are simply reminders of our humanness.  These reminders help us relate to and with others.  I believe these reminders draw us to the source of our strength and liberation.  My hearts’ desire is to show women that  when we surrender those weaknesses to God, learn from our mistakes, and determine to allow Him to use it all for His purpose and glory, great things can happen for us and through us.

There is great potential in each of us.  We were created for greatness.  The one who created us is great, and has endowed us with gifts, talents, creativity, and grace.  The challenge is to realize who we are, what’s inside of us, and what imprint we are to leave on this world.  The journey to purpose can be long, confusing, and occasionally seeming hopeless, but it can also be full of joy, hope, contentment, and fulfillment.  If there is any way I can help even one person realize this truth and become who they were created to be, I count it a privilege to do so.

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